Born and raised in the mountains of Vermont, Chef Devin Finigan grew up in the kitchen and the garden.  Her mother, a vegetarian and avid gardener, and her father, a chef at Vermont's Inn at Sawmill Farm, instilled in her an appreciation for simple, good, fresh food from an early age.  Together with her three sisters, Devin spent her youth planting gardens, churning butter and making ice cream from milk from their family cow, and eventually working alongside her father in the kitchen at the Inn.

During college, Devin followed her older sister up to Deer Isle, Maine, where her sister was taking classes at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.  She fell immediately in love with the area, and soon after with a young local man who would later become her husband.  After relocating permanently to the Blue Hill Penninsula, and eventually cooking breakfast and serving under local chef Jonathan Chase at the Lookout in Brooklin, Devin's career began to blossom.

In just a short time, Devin has made phenomenal connections and had amazing opportunities to work for and with some of the best names in the business.  Thomas Keller of The French Laundry, Michael Leviton of Lumiere, Melissa Kelly of Primo's, Jean Georges...the list goes on.  She has traveled all over the country and the world (most recently northern Spain) to apprentice and expand her knowledge and palate.  

Chef Devin is thrilled to bring her dream to life, to share her passion for farm-fresh produce and seafood from the beautiful ocean with the people of Downeast Maine.